Day 15: Advent Calendar

Those of you who are eagle eyed will have noticed that we didn’t send Day 15’s #JusticeforLB advent calendar out this morning. This was intentional, not an oversight, because we wanted to share with you the premiere of our new film and we thought that deserved an evening distribution.

Our new short film captures much of the magic that was 107days, from March 19 to July 4 this year. We have tried to reflect the remarkable diversity of contributions and spontaneous commitment and collective feeling that change is needed.

Once you’ve watched please share with friends, colleagues and collaborators. We had no meetings, no agenda, no rules, just crowdsourced celebration, action and commitment. This is the #JusticeforLB way and all are welcome to join us.

So grab a glass of bubbly or a cup of tea, roll out your red carpet and settle down for #107days in 5minutes!

2 responses to “Day 15: Advent Calendar”

  1. Sam Sly says:

    Brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful community of doers has developed from such a devastating loss. Connor will always live on in all of us xx

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