Day 16: Advent Calendar

Day 16 of the #JusticeforLB advent calendar is a simple request we have for each of you. Last night we shared the premiere of our new film and received amazing feedback including:

Speechless at #JusticeforLB Advent Cal Day 15. So much joy inspired by LB in#107days, & it’s all here in 5 minutes!‘ from Chris

To which Sam replied ‘brought a tear to my eye but made my heart swell to think how good people came together#JusticeforLB #107days

Oh my, goosebumps everywhere, how wonderful‘ from Harriet

A short film about the wondrous and heartfelt community action that was#107Daysfrom The Open Nest

‘A lovely reminder of how brilliant#107days was. #justiceforLB‘ from Liz

This morning Martin described it as a ‘Great short film summarising a remarkable movement‘ and this fitted in with our thinking for today, inspired by our supporter Mark Sherry who has continually encouraged us to keep on and ask people to spread the word.

If you haven’t had chance to watch the film yet it’s here:

We think that #JusticeforLB is a movement too, and we’re very humbled, proud and hopeful by it. We also know that a lot of the time we are talking to the same 1,000 or so supporters, but we think more people would care if they knew.

So on Day 16 we’re asking you to share the campaign with someone (or three if you have the time and inclination). Ideally someone who isn’t likely to know who LB is or who doesn’t have a personal or professional interest in disability; perhaps someone who likes buses, or music, or who has a teenage son, or doesn’t have children but does care about human rights.

You could send it to any social workers you know, or OTs, or care assistants, or GPs, or electricians, or shop assistants, to builders, or teachers, or volunteers. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters. People you know from school, or the pool, or friends of friends. We don’t mind.

You can share on twitter, or facebook, or by email. You could pick up the phone and call, or send a text message, or grab a pen and write to someone. You could also mention LB to someone you are meeting or having coffee with today.

All we ask is that you don’t spam people! Instead let them know who LB was and why you think they should care. You can always let them have this link if they wish to be kept informed of the campaign.

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