Day 17: Advent Calendar

Time to celebrate again for Day 17 of the #JusticeforLB advent calendar. For those of you who weren’t around at the beginning you might not know that the #JusticeforLB campaign was initiated following LB’s family members fundraising efforts:

‘So. Here we are. Launching LB’s Fighting Fund. To raise money towards the costs of legal representation at the inquest (which will be held at some point in the next year). Many people have said they want to help in some way and we hit on the idea of raising some of the money using LB’s remarkable artwork’.

The total legal costs to date are £15,670.40, and this doesn’t include pro bono uncosted, but priceless, support. That’s right, over £15k and the inquest date has not even been set yet. Getting answers is a costly business.

Luckily, if indeed that is the right word, #JusticeforLB’ers have pulled together as Sara says:

‘The response to both fund and awareness raising has been off the scale of awesome. Awesome sauce, as I thought on the bus today. From the moment we discovered that we had to pay for legal representation at the inquest, while Sloven could use NHS funds (i.e. public money), there was a remarkable, collective effort to fundraise. So many people stepped up to buy LB postcards, organise fundraising activities or make a contribution in so many different ways’. 

We are delighted to share with you all that the current fundraising total sits at£26,410.88.

This money has been raised through sponsored stuff (running, cycling, paddling and a triathlon, and for the less energetic a headshave); through fee donations and academic book covers; through sales of cakes, cats, postcards, cards, prints, pencil cases, chocolates and notebooks; a clothes swap and sales on ebay and gumtree, and sales of prints, plants and Christmas wreaths and one-off donations.

Money was also raised through abstinence (of an evening tipple and Christmas cards) and through challenges, events, comedy, music, parties and gatherings and our youngest supporter Eseld and her parents asked friends for a donation in lieu of christening presents.

No one should have to raise the funds to pay for legal representation at the inquest of their child.


LB’s family’s experience demonstrates how necessary this representation is. The final word goes to Sara:

We are blown away by this effort and demonstration of solidarity. Thank you.

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  1. Mark Sherry says:

    Can you tell us more about this photo, Sara?
    What is going on?

  2. […] To raise funds: slight change in focus here, LB’s Fighting Fund has raised £26,410.88, which we hope should be enough to cover legal fees given the arrangements that are in place. […]

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