Dr Valerie Murphy MPTS Tribunal: Determination of facts

An hour ago, at 8:30pm on a Friday evening, the tribunal members in the fitness to practice of Dr Valerie Murphy case reconvened in public to share their determination of facts. It is available to download here.

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Any thoughts or comments very welcome below #JusticeforLB hive mind, do your worst.

5 responses to “Dr Valerie Murphy MPTS Tribunal: Determination of facts”

  1. Has anyone pointed out the complete inaccuracy that Sara 'maintained a blog to document her experience with her son's treatment' ? The rest of my thoughts are unprintable. #JusticeforLB 'ers just can't begin to comprehend the torment and pain says:

    Jenny Walker

  2. Richard Julian says:

    Totally in awe of a Tribunal Panel that can arrange further meetings on dates from the past ( November 2013). Maybe they got the dates right #inmyhead

  3. Kara says:

    Error of law & fact in place of death too – inquest determined that LB died in STATT; place & time where death medically pronounced/certified therefore irrelevant.

  4. Amanda says:

    My utter respect to you for how hard you have fought to get answers and justice. The fact that you have had to do so in this day and age shows how far we still have to go when dealing with accountability, especially when that accountability is regarding those with disabilities.

    I trained as a nurse 30 years ago, one of the earliest things I learned (and it’s common sense) is that you DON’T leave someone vulnerable alone in a bath and definitely not if they also have epilepsy. Basic common sense and it was ignored, I find it absolutely shocking.

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