Fun and frolics in the Justice Shed!

After a few weeks of despondency and weariness, the Justice Shed has sparked into life again in the last few days with a new project. One which is (well we think it is) fun and pretty straightforward to get involved with. It also allows all those people who have said to us ‘I wish I’d made a patch for the quilt’ another opportunity to contribute to a wondrous endeavour.

So, we would like people to cut out cloth figures and decorate them. We have created template figures [that you can download by clicking here] which can be printed on A4 paper so that each figure is roughly the same size. You can use any sort of cloth (an old sheet, towel, summer dress) and decorate them in any way you choose. You can stuff them if you like, or leave them flat if you’d rather. You can stitch, paint, draw, glue bits on, whatever you like.


Could send you send your finished figures to: 

Gingerbread Figures, My Life My Choice, 27 Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HU.

We need to receive them by September 30th at the latest.

Many, many thanks and we’re so looking forward to receiving your works of art!

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