The breakers of trust #JusticeforLB

This weekend Angie Mote spoke to the press for the first time. Angie’s mother died while under the (non)care of Southern Health. You can read more here: People need to know the truth: Southern Health’s apologies will never bring back my mother.

Yesterday Angie and her husband, Steve, saw a clip from the BBC documentary: Broken Trust. This is a copy of the letter that Steve Mote wrote to Tim Smart, the Interim Chair of Southern Health when he saw it:

Dear Mr Smart,

I have just seen a clip of you speaking to the BBC which will be broadcast tonight and feel compelled to write to you.

My mother-in-law Marion Munns, died last November whist under the care of your Trust and so became yet another person who was failed by your organisation.

The investigation into Marion’s death and care highlighted 13 major failings that left our family wondering how on earth things could have been allowed to get so bad. The inquest has yet to be held but in due course those failings will be published and there will be yet further criticism of the senior management team especially Katrina Percy.

Percy’s resignation was long overdue and in truth she should have gone months ago. The media attention caused by her refusal to step down was all of her own making and those who advised her. For Percy to even contemplate remaining in post smacks of naivety and arrogance on her part.

So you will not be surprised to hear that we are outraged by your decision to simply move her sideways into a role created just for her which pays the same unbelievable salary. How can you say on camera that Percy is ‘uniquely’ suited for the position when you didn’t even advertise the job nor test the market for equally qualified candidates? Have you any idea how much anguish and resentment your decision has caused? How can the Trust even afford to spend so much money just like that?

In effect you have stuck two fingers up to all those who called for Percy to stand down. You have brought your own credibility and decision making into question and done nothing to enhance the Trust’s reputation. What you have done and endorsed is a disgrace and you should now stand down too.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Mote

We completely agree with and support the concerns expressed by Steve Mote. We think Tim Smart should stand down, along with the rest of the Board.

3 responses to “The breakers of trust #JusticeforLB”

  1. This board is a disgrace .All should resign.A full enquiry needed.
    Criminal charges against the Katrina Percy and other board members .

  2. Dr Jane booth says:

    This action shows a total disregard for the people who pay your salary- the taxpayers – and the people you have failed to care for. I imagine it is hard for you to sleep at night.

  3. Riman2009 says:

    This smacks of arrogance in high offices!

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