Day 19: Advent Calendar

Day 19 of the #JusticeforLB Advent Calendar is an absolute delight, at least we think it is, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Funmi is one of Rosie’s mates who has known Connor since she was 5. She agreed to cover a Christmas song for our advent calendar and popped to Sara and Rich’s house today to record it.

As luck would have it just before recording started, John popped over to take Rich to pick up a Christmas tree…so in the spirit of #JusticeforLB collectivism, they cracked open the Christmas jumpers and recorded it together.

We’ve included several outtakes because we think they’re worth a giggle but if you’re short on time and want to skip straight to the final version it’s at 2min47.

If you’d like to sing along you can get the lyrics here.

2 responses to “Day 19: Advent Calendar”

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  2. Little Drummer Boy says:

    It was very good have a happy Christmas and happy New year from Paul and jackie

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