Day 5: Advent Calendar

We’re coming towards the end of the first week of the #JusticeforLB Advent Calendar and we’ve been delighted with the responses so far. Day four passed off well with a great workshop, followed by Prof Rebecca Lawthom‘s hugely inspiring inaugural lecture (more on that another day).

Today we thought we’d do a visual post and share with you three iconic images from the #107days campaign earlier this year. The first photo was taken at the party night held in LB’s memory and the other two were taken at Glastonbury by Rebecca and her family.

LB Balloon



We’re planning to visit more iconic images later in this month’s calendar, but for now we hope you enjoyed these three.

3 responses to “Day 5: Advent Calendar”

  1. Lynn cox says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Connor at jws lower and upper and on my first day at the lower school I was blown away by Connors knowledge of the planets and countries ,I had to to do play ground duty
    And wS walking about on my own as I didn’t know anyone then Connor can walking over to be and asked ” do you want to come on my spaceship ” so I stood behind him he then closed the spaceship door and we worked our way around the playground(universe ) and I was really touched that he was the only person who noticed I looked pretty lost and on my own

    I remember Connor as a lovely , extreme bright , special soul with a beautiful mind .I think of him a lot and the world is a sader place without him
    Lynn cox

    • Sara Ryan says:

      Lynn, thank you so much for sharing this memory of Connor. It’s made my day. It is so lovely to hear new stories about him. He was a legend. Sara xxx

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