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It is now 16 days since NHS England published the Mazars report. You can read our briefing on it here. Despite the horror that it contains, the responses by the Secretary of State and by the triumvirate that is NHS England, CQC and Monitor, are unanimous in their feebleness and lack of urgency. 

Southern Health are holding two extraordinary meetings in the next ten days. The first is of their Governors, which takes place in Southampton on Tuesday 5 January from 10-12noon. You can see the agenda and details here. The second meeting is of the Board, and that takes place in Southampton on Monday 11 January from 8.30-9.30am. You can see the agenda and details here. Members of the public can ask questions at both meetings, you can submit them in advance if you wish, but there is no requirement to do so.

It is almost like Southern Health don’t want people to know about the meetings. They’ve not advertised them on their news pages or via any of their social media platforms, despite being big fans of viral leadership. We are hoping as many JusticeforLB’ers as possible will attend both meetings. We have written to the Board to invite them to come reflect on the hundreds of people with a learning disability who died in their ‘care’ and whose deaths were not investigated.

You’re all very welcome too.

Mr Petter

We would like to offer a formal invitation to the Board and senior management team to come outside and view a pop up display of the #JusticeforLB gingerbreads at the end of the extraordinary Board Meeting being held on January 11th 2016.

The recent publication of the Mazars report, despite considerable and unnecessary challenge by yourselves, provides stark and brutal evidence of a lack of engagement with the unexpected deaths of hundreds of people in your provision. We feel the brilliant display of figures crowdsourced from across the UK may help the Board to better understand that these were people who died and not just a set of statistics.


Sara Ryan and George Julian

On behalf of #JusticeforLB


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