#JusticeforLB statement on Katrina Percy’s resignation

Today Southern Health announced Katrina Percy has resigned her post as CEO. Here is our response:

Katrina Percy’s resignation is long overdue and directly relates to the failings identified by repeated CQC inspections and the Mazars independent review of (non) investigations into deaths in mental health and learning disability services at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

This whole sorry episode has shone an important light on peculiar workings at senior NHS levels around regulation, accountability and enforcement. It also demonstrates that candour and transparency remain woefully lacking in 2016.

We wish Julie Dawes the very best in her interim role as CEO and hope that a new executive team can make necessary changes to enable staff across the organisation to provide excellent, patient centred care and support.

4 responses to “#JusticeforLB statement on Katrina Percy’s resignation”

  1. Julie Owen says:

    Long long overdue.

  2. rosemarytrustam says:

    I’m just not clear how she can continue to be hired as advisor when she has so transparently failed in her role and still be paid the same salary. Exactly who is she going to advise? It does seem like she’s become one of those overpaid contractors she’s been criticised for – be good to understand how she’s seen to have expertise to advise….

  3. TQ says:

    Sadly better to have her in this role where savy GPs can ensure her entourage not brainwashed by her.
    The knowledge she has about the innovative way southern health is integrating gp, primary and secondary community care would be too valuable to loose to private consortiums such as circle, virgin and CareUK that are currently buying up GP and community health care throughout England.
    This role would probably be bought in on a monthly consultant role at many times the expense of her ridiculous salary anyway.
    Sad state our nhs has ended up in following two decades of tinkering by governments of all parties
    I would prefer it if she left health care management but she won’t

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